Dov Bechhofer Explains How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges of Being a Computer Engineer

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Dov Bechhofer Explains How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges of Being a Computer Engineer

Computer engineer, Dov Bechhofer gives advice on overcoming the difficult challenges that sometimes overshadow the industry.  

Dov Bechhofer - Computer Challenges
Dov Bechhofer – Computer Challenges

Computer engineers have an awesome job. These people get to create and experience the world’s most innovative technologies before anyone else. These people come up with some of the most prolific advancements in computer science. Computer engineers are the people who make the digital world possible.

Yet, there are a few challenges to this field that have given talented people interested in the field pause.  After all, these issues are not always fixed by a learning curve. These issues can be present in a computer engineer’s life from the first day of school, until retirement.

Fortunately, Dov Bechhofer understands that these challenges are present and surmountable. Therefore, this industry leader has divulged his guidance for recognizing and overcoming these obstacles. While these challenges are a part of a computer engineer occupation, they do not have to guide the person’s career.


Education Overload

Businesses usually have a core set of values. Those values lay the groundwork for the people who are in the industry presently and who will come after. However, with the ever-changing industry of computer engineering, those ideals are constantly changing. The computer and digital world are completely changing. Therefore, there is a constant need for education and advancement. Keeping up with these changes, to apply the best information to the work, can be a challenge.

To combat this challenge, Dov Bechhofer explains that computer engineers need to stay involved with the industry. It can be so easy for computer engineers to get too wrapped up in their own projects. They miss the innovation that is going on around them. Thus, computer engineers need to continue to stay involved with their peers. That way, they will gain a better understanding of the material and stay up to date with all the modernization.


Treating Failure as Advancement

Failure, especially in such a scientifically strong field as computer science is inevitable. It is also common; far more common than breakthroughs. Unfortunately, there is no real accreditation for failure. Everyone wants the answer yesterday and it is frustrating. Even computer engineers who understand the scientific method become frustrated and disheartened.

However, to build a successful career in computer engineering, people must learn that failure is an advancement. Learning how not to do something can be almost as helpful as learning how to achieve something. Therefore, instead of focusing on a failed experiment as a letdown, know that it is in progress. Tune out the voices that say otherwise and let the passion and the science be a guide.


Education VS. Experience

There is a big difference between learning how to become a computer engineer and being a computer engineer. Schoolwork is backed by proven science and even if the student fails, they do not risk the loss of funding. One of the most important and prevalent obstacles people face in this field is education versus the real world. Education is meant to be learned from and replicated. With experience, when someone is working in the world, they are forging their own path. This often results in too much freedom, which leads to people getting discouraged.

Dov Bechhofer explains that by keeping a tight hold on industry advancements, computer engineers can keep themselves level. Interacting with others in their field and keeping up to date on the research will lead to a positive experience. It will keep computer engineers grounded and focused while inciting other ideas and possibilities.

To close, computer engineers have a lot to think about and keep up with throughout the whole of their careers. However, challenges like that should never keep someone from pursuing their dreams. Dov Bechhofer believes that implementing these tips to keep up with the challenges of the job, computer engineers will excel.

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